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High Pressure Casting

Ningbo CERES has introduced lean production management mode, which provides a systematic guarantee for better serving customers
under IATF16949 and ISO9001 quality system.

High Pressure Casting


The workshop is equipped with various types of die casting machines including 180t, 300t, 500t and 800t, as well as automatic manipulator and conveyor.

Die Casting Range

Thinnest wall thickness

0.8mm ~ 1.0mm

Maximum size

900mm * 400mm

Minimum weight


Maximum weight


Material Science

Conventional die casting materials ADC12, A380 and A360, and also can be customized according to customer requirements.

Die Casting Technology

Thickness of products can be on 0.8mm ~ 1.0mm level;

Rich experience has been accumulated in the internal pore and air tightness control on thick wall die castings, meeting the requirements of modern automotive parts;

Rich experience also has been accumulated in the production process of appearance castings, meeting the surface requirements of various high-end appearance castings.

 Robotic arm
Robotic arm
 Conveyor belt
Conveyor belt
 Die casting machine
Die casting machine

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